Good News Stories for Monday 7/8

A New Process Could Make Clothing Recyclable

A new chemical combination could allow fibers like nylon to be separated from cotton, which could allow clothing to become easily recycled! Currently clothing accounts for nearly 10% of all landfill waste.

Having Gratitude Linked To Lower Risk Of Death

A new study finds those who feel thankful have a lower mortality rate than those who don't. This is on top of studies which have found grateful people get better sleep, have better immune system function, cholesterol levels, and have a lower risk of depression. Changing your perspective may be good for your health!

MrBeast Builds 100 Homes To Help Disaster Areas

Popular YouTuber MrBeast constructed 100 homes for those in need in Central and South America, including El Salvador, Argentina and Columbia! These homes were built for families who became homeless after their homes were destroyed due to natural disasters such as floods and landslides.


YouTube - MrBeast

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