Friday 10/29

FRIDAY 10/29 – Creepy, horrifying, terrifying… tonight’s Nights with Alice Cooper is a Halloween Special full of dark and stormy classic rock! You c…Continue Reading

Thursday 10/28

THURSDAY 10/28 – Welcome to his Nightmare! He is Alice Cooper, who will serve up Halloween radio for freaks like YOU. This evening he’ll play a great …Continue Reading

Wednesday 10/27

WEDNESDAY 10/27 – Mutants and minions, it’s nearly HALLOWEEN, and Nights with Alice Cooper promises all sorts of trick and treats! Tune in for a This …Continue Reading

Tuesday 10/26

TUESDAY 10/26 – Nights with Alice Cooper is hosted by the one and only, rarely lonely Alice Cooper, your classic rock king–or at least prince. This e…Continue Reading

Monday 10/25

MONDAY 10/25 – Welcome to Alice Cooper, your Halloween hostess with the mostess! He’ll get Halloween week started tonight with a This Day in Rock feat…Continue Reading

Friday 10/22

FRIDAY 10/22 – Greetings, scary little monsters, it’s your super freak, Alice Cooper, here at the weekend! Tonight he’s got This Day in Rock on the Ea…Continue Reading

Thursday 10/21

THURSDAY 10/21 – He’s the Super Duper Alice Cooper, with rock & talk that doesn’t suck! And it’s all here, with The Who for This Day in Rock, a Co…Continue Reading

Wednesday 10/20

WEDNESDAY 10/20 – He’s Alice Cooper, here to remind you that there’s great radio at night! This evening’s radio program has Whitesnake, the Allman Bro…Continue Reading

Tuesday 10/19

TUESDAY 10/19 – It’s a twofer Tuesday with Alice Cooper, so he’s got twice the classic rock for you fine fiends! Do you like Frank Zappa, the Stones, …Continue Reading

Monday 10/18

MONDAY 10/18 – Hey freaks, it’s DJ in his PJs Alice Cooper here to get the week started! Tonight, he’s got a Cooper’s Covers of David Bowie doing a Ya…Continue Reading